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NC Reach Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by North Carolina Government

Scholarship Value: $2,500
Awards Available: 25
Award Deadline: Jun 30, 2019

NC Reach is a state-funded scholarship offered to qualified applicants for up to 4 years of undergraduate study at NC public universities and community colleges. Available funding is awarded to students, after all other financial aid, public funds and scholarships have been processed and applied to their account. NC Reach provides comprehensive student support to help all students be able to navigate their post-secondary education.

Students are eligible for NC Reach if they are:

A) Legal residents of North Carolina, eligible for in-state tuition rates

B) Adopted from NC Division of Social Services (DSS) foster care after the age of 12, OR, aged out of NC DSS foster care at age 18 (they must have been in care on their 18th birthday)

C) Enrolled in one of the 74 NC public community colleges, or universities

D) Under the age of 26 (participants remain eligible until their 26th birthday)

E) Enrolled in at least 6 credit hours

How is eligibility determined after a student applies?

NC Division of Social Services (DSS) determines the initial eligibility of each applicant. The NC Reach program is unable to officially start working with a student until they are deemed eligible by the State of North Carolina.

Once a student's eligibility is determined, they will be contacted by a member of Foster Care to Success.

A) If the student is made eligible, they will be contacted by phone and email by the Coordinator who works with the school they noted in their application that they are attending.

B) If the student is made ineligible, they will be contacted and receive notification as to why they are ineligible.

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