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Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Osmosis

Scholarship Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 6
Award Deadline: Aug 17, 2020

Osmosis is pleased to announce the return of the Health Education Impact Scholarship!

To apply for the Health Education Impact Scholarship, submit a video of yourself talking about which of these Osmosis values you hope to embody in your career in health.


The scholarship is aimed at students who are enrolled in or accepted into health professions programs working towards one of the following degrees MD, DO, Physician Assistant, BSN, RN, NP, pharmacology, or dentistry. Eligible candidates include incoming first-year students, as well as all current students who have at least 1 academic year remaining in their studies.. The scholarship is offered to US citizens. Only one entry per person. The scholarship is not available to employees or contractors of Osmosis or their immediate family members. Previous winners are ineligible to reapply. Applicants must complete all steps of the application process to be considered.

A note on eligibility and why this is only open to US students: Osmosis is a US-based organization. There are fewer legal barriers when offering scholarships or giveaways in an organization's home country. Opening this scholarship up internationally means navigating international laws that differ significantly across countries. Currently, the Osmosis legal team isn't equipped to take on this challenge. We're hoping that as Osmosis grows, we'll be able to provide opportunities like the Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship to non-US international audiences in the future.


The application includes: (1) basic personal information, contact information, and details of the degree you're pursuing; (2) a short questionnaire ; and (3) a video submission of no more than 5 minutes in length. The entirety of the application must be submitted through the application link. Applications submitted in parts to Osmosis emails will be considered incomplete.


All responses to the questionnaire must meet the following requirements:

A) Written in English and free of grammatical errors

B) 350 words or fewer

C) Original content that does not violate any intellectual property or copyright laws, and is suitable for publication

Applicants may only submit one video, and it must meet the following requirements:

A) Words spoken must be in English

B) Accepted formats: .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mp4, mpeg, or .wmv provided via a google drive link with permissions set to edit for anyone with the link

C) 5 minutes or less

D) Original content that does not violate any intellectual property or copyright laws, and suitable for publication

E) Cannot infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights

F) Cannot be the same video as submitted in prior rounds of the Health Education Impact Scholarship

G) Videos must be raw, unedited footage and should not include animations, text overlays, or combined/spliced clips.

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