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Helpjuice Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by Helpjuice

Scholarship Value: $1,400
Awards Available: 2
Award Deadline: Oct 21, 2019

We established the Helpjuice Scholarship to help propel forward the next generation of Internet and Technology Entrepreneurs, developers and marketers. We aim to help two students, each year with their studies or ventures, with a $1400 stipend. Whether you are studying to be a software developer, designer, marketer, or entrepreneur, we want to help you achieve your goals.

Who Qualifies For The Scholarship?

Helpjuice will stipend $1400 per student, for two students/freshmen. The $1400 stipend is to be transferred to the University towards the tuition fee. We will consider all applications, regardless of background, country, degree, or year of study.


We will award the two students we believe to have the biggest impact on the world. They do not have to be from the same university, as we will consider all applicants individually.

Hence, we will be evaluating the applicants based off their piece of work submitted. We do not restrict the type of work they submit - but rather ask that it's something they truly believe in, and have worked hard on. The submitted work will serve as an example of achievement of the student, and will remain in student's property, Helpjuice will only consider it for the scholarship application and not use it for any other purposes.

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